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MINITS iWitness for Surveillance

Forever Changing The Way Surveillance Is Done

Now you can record and/or send real-time live imagery using MINITS iWitness to a partner or remote location while concentrating on the task at hand and personal safety!

A Simple Solution

Digiscope quickly and easily on your spotting scope or monocular with a Smartphone or SLR camera.

Compact and Powerful

Achieve up to 300X total magnification with a 60x spotting scope and up to 40X with the Leica Monovid 8x monocular.

Night Vision Capable

Mounts directly to PVS-14 night vision monocular for nocturnal photos and video.

Versatile Digiscoping

Now there’s no need to lug around heavy equipment as the MINITS iWitness pairs your optics to your smartphone, allowing you to capture and share long range, high definition photos, videos and even live streaming of unfolding events!

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Lightweight and Portable

The small, lightweight design of the MINITS iWitness means that you can always have it with you anywhere in a backpack, bag or purse and be ready to capture critical imagery at a moments notice.

iPhone and MINITS iWitness shooting high definition close up video of airplanes