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MINITS iWitness - Swarovski Scope Adapter Guide

MINITS iWitness - Swarovski Scopes - Everything you want to know about MINITS iWitness and Swarovski Scopes

The MINITS iWitness system can be outfitted to just about any spotting scope, rifle scope or monocular. In most cases all that is needed is for you to determine the Outside Diameter (OD) of the eyepiece of the scope using a Micrometer. The measurement is to the Thousands position (.000"). However, for the 20-60x eyepieces for the Swarovski ATM and STM spotting scopes, we make a special insert that fits into the Swarovski Accessory "DCA" (Digital Camera Adapter) outer sleeve. After you have aquired a Swarovski Digital Camera Adapter you will mount our special "DCA insert" it is named. The DCA insert threads into the DCA outer sleeve and allows quick 1/3 turn mounting and dismounting of the MINITS iWitness mount (with your LIFEPROOF encased iPhone 4s) to take TOTALLY AMAZING photos and video throught the super high quality Swarovski Spotting Scopes! Try WON'T ever be the same again!
Quick Guide
This quick guide shows the models and bushings associated with the particular scope. If your scope is not listed, then see the directions below for measuring your OD and choosing the correct bushing.
Swarovski ATM 20-60x80mm - WITHOUT LIFEPROOF iPhone 4s Case Incuded
DCA Insert
Swarovski STM 20-60x80mm - WiITH THE LIFEPROOF iPhone 4s case included
DCA Insert

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