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MINITS iWitness - Night Vision Adapter Guide

MINITS iWitness - Vision - Everything you want to know about MINITS iWitness and Night Vision

The MonoLoc "RSA" (rifle scope adapter) is a device that aligns the eyepiece lens of your day optic (spotting scope or rifle scope) with the objective lens of the ITT PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular so that they can work together to create magnified night vision enhanced viewing, (or shooting) through your day optic.
In order to mount the PVS-14 NV Monocular on your optical eyepiece you first need to determine the Outside Diameter  (OD) of the eyepiece housing of your optic. The use of a caliper (digital is best) will be needed in order to measure your eyepiece precisly. Once the outside diameter of your eyepiece is known, you will be able to select the proper bushing, for fitting the MonoLoc Rifle Scope Adapter (RSA) to your optic .   The measurement must be to (0.000") (example 1.550" diameter) in order to choose the correct bushing. The MonoLoc is a precision fit instrument and finding the correct bushing for exact fit will pay off in ease of use and precision.
Quick Guide
This quick guide shows the models and bushings associated with a particular scope.  If your scope is not listed, then see the directions below for measuring your OD and choosing the correct bushing. (This guide is in the process of being created at this time)
iPhone and MINITS iWitness shooting high definition close up video of airplanes