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MINITS iWitness Video Tutorials
See the MINIS iWitness video tutorials on how to Assemble and Disassemble

We have created some video tutorials to demonstrate the features of the MINITS iWitness systems and kits.

How to Assemble MINITS iWitness to a Leupold scope
How to Disassemble MINITS iWitness from a Leupold scope
How to Trigger recording using iPhone Headset for stable pictures
See video of Peregrine Falcons on chimney using Leupold scope
See amazing close video of the moon on Cinco de Mayo

MINITS iWitness - Assembly
Description:  Learn how to assemble the MINITS iWitness to a Leupold scope.  Time:  03:39
MINITS iWitness - Disassembly
Description:  Learn how to disassemble the MINITS iWitness from a Leupold scope.  Time:  04:20
MINITS iWitness - Trigger with Headphones
Description:  Learn how to remotely trigger the iPhone for super-steady recording of high-magnification subjects.  Time:  01:27
MINITS iWitness - Peregrine Falcons
Description:  A video of some Peregrine falcons using the MINITS iWitness on a spotting scope.  Time:  00:30
MINITS iWitness - Cinco de Mayo
Description:  Video of a very close-up view of the moon on Cinco de Mayo. Taken with the MINITS iWitness kit on a Leupold 20-60x80mm spotting scope.  Time:  00:33
iPhone and MINITS iWitness shooting high definition close up video of airplanes