VisionPro Shop Quick Select Wizard Configuration Tool

Definitions for common VisionPro Shop Acronyms

Acronym/Term Definition
AW All Weather. A term used to identify an item as being durable and resilient to all weather conditions such as rain, snow, dirt, and heat.
CheckMate VisionPro Shop Product line for use with the Leica MonoVid. Highly successful when used for surveillance.
CLA Camera Lens Adapter
DCAI Digital Camera Adapter Insert
DCAIT Digital Camera Adapter Insert - Threaded
GX3 Mount for use with the Samsung Galaxy S III or S4.
ITAR International Traffic in Arms. A U.S. Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls that regulates exportation of various devices, such as Night Vision.
MG Military Grade (All Aluminum)
Mi4A MINITS iWitness™ for iPhone 4S
Mi5A MINITS iWitness™ for iPhone 5 and 5S (not for use with iPhone 5C)
MiAW MINITS iWitness™ - All Weather for iPhone 4S using LifeProof Case
MINITS™ iWitness
MonoLoc™ Intelligent Network Imagery Transmission System - For coupling Smartphones with rifle scopes, spotting scopes and other optics.
MiSN2 MINITS iWitness™ for Samsung Galaxy Note II
MonoLoc™ A patented coupling device used to bring two optical devices together with precision.
NV Night Vision
NVM Night Vision Monocular
PVS Personal Viewing Sight
RB-LM Rubber Bushing - Leica Monocular
RSA Rifle Scope Adapter. An adapter specifically designed for rifle scopes.
RSA-AW Rifle Scope Adapter All Weather
RSAI Rifle Scope Adapter Insert. An insert that provides tight-tolerance adaptation between the scope and adapter.
RSAIT Rifle Scope Adapter Insert - Threaded. An insert that provides tight-tolerance adaptation between the scope and adapter.
SCA Straight Camera Adapter
SS Spotting Scope
SSA Spotting Scope Adapter - Small Bore. This is designed for scopes with smaller eyepieces and contains a Picatinny rail mount
SSAHD Spotting Scope Adapter - Heavy Duty (Military Grade). Used for adapting spotting scopes to other items, including the MINITS iWitness™ mount. This is military grade 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum (hard anodized) and contains a Picatinny rail mount.
SSAI Spotting Scope Adapter Interface - Small Bore. The insert/interface provides tight-tolerance adaptation between the spotting scope and the scope adapter.
SSAIT Spotting Scope Adapter Insert Threaded. The threaded insert provides tight-tolerance adaption between the spotting scope and the scope adapter.
SSOT MonoLoc™ Sniper Scout Observation Telescope (PVS-14 to Leupold Spotting Scopes)
iPhone and MINITS iWitness shooting high definition close up video of airplanes