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VisionPro Shop
Round the clock tactical solutions!

World Class Solutions
VisionPro Shop, LLC provides innovative world class tactical solutions for your day and night vision surveillance and photography needs. We can help you see things in a whole new way.

The highly dedicated staff at VisionPro Shop have 100+ years of combined experience in Law Enforcement, SWAT, US Special Forces, Specialty Optics Development, and Tactical Weapons Training and instruction. VisionPro Shop is ready, willing and able, to take on new projects as we continue our R&D for beneficial and exciting products into the marketplace.

Image Capture
If mobile image capture and network delivery are what you need ...we have the adapters and cases for you! Take average scopes and turn them into long-range optics. Capture and transmit in real-time. Record events from the perspective you see.

Optical Adapters
We have innovative optical adapter systems and devices that multiply the performance of your technology beyond expectation. Using smart phone camera and communications technology, mounted in our adapters, you can capture and share your favorite long range video images in real time! For example, a spotting scope, rifle scope, laser range finder, binoculars, night vision monocular or any optical device.

Beyond Military Support
While many of our products are geared towards making it better and safer for our law enforcement and military personnel - we also care about you. Imagine YOUR treasured moments being captured by highly magnified optics. Then, kick it up a notch by sharing it with others in real time!

For Law Enforcement or Military contracts please contact Rich Brough ([email protected])
iPhone and MINITS iWitness shooting high definition close up video of airplanes